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Where is the money from the sales tax increase going?

There are already extensive plans in place for the money for Washoe County schools if the sales tax increase is passed in Nov. 2016.

The top priority is to build a $30 million addition to Damonte Ranch High School, Washoe County’s most crowded high school. The second priority is to build two new middle schools costing a total of $110 million; one in the Sun Valley area and the other in the Arrowcreek area of South Reno. In addition to new schools, it is going to fixing old boilers, roofs, parking lots, and basic building needs.

The Washoe County Board of Trustees are going to give the Public Schools Overcrowding & Repair Needs Committee $781 million in bonds to renovate and build new schools. The debt from the bonds will be paid off within 20 years of the sales tax increase.

There has been debate that the money could potentially be going to payroll of school officials because grants from the county have been known to be used for payroll in the past but this proposal specifically prevents that, making sure all of the money goes towards construction and repairs.



What this tax means for students and teachers – by Victoria Hudman

Without the support for the tax increase, it could mean students in K-12 schools in Washoe County will have to attend double days, meaning the school’s capacity doubles.

This tax  will cost a family of four $80 a year. It needs to be passed so the Northern Nevada community can continue to grow and thrive. Families will not want to move here if their children have to attend a school that is over capacity.

Double sessions not only take a toll on the facilities but it requires teachers to be there for more than 12 hours a day. One group of students will start school around 6 a.m. and the second group finishes school around 6 p.m.

Schools that exceed 20% over the capacity will be required to adopt double days if the tax isn’t passed. Currently no schools have exceeded that number yet, but four middle school and five high schools are projected to be over 20% capacity within the next five years.

Along with Traner Middle School and Damonte Ranch High School being the first schools on track to start doing double days, Depoali and Mendive Middle Schools are expected to start double session in the 2020-2021 school year, according to district officials.

McQueen, North Valleys and Spanish Springs and Shaw Middle School would be next to start double sessions, starting them in the year 2021.

Washoe County School Board members in support of double session days despite the long days it means for them,  because it is no longer safe to have that many students in one room.

“Safety is our number one concern,” Deputy Superintendent Kristen McNeill said.

As far as the schools that have already reached capacity, they will be set on a year-long schedule starting in 2017. Those schools are Brown, Double Diamond, Maxwell and Sepulveda elementary schools.

“As a parent of children currently in the Washoe County School District system, I know they would not flourish in a double session type of environment because it causes strain on teachers, students, and parents,” said Tray Abney from The Chamber.

With Nevada, placing near bottom of the list for education, passing this tax is extremely important for the education of Nevada’s youth.


Tray Abney- The Chamber of Northern Nevada



For my persuasive writing assignment, I focused on persuading the readers through emotion, facts, and clear writing. I specifically used consistency and social validation.

I used facts directly from The Chamber and the state of Nevada describing how this would positively influence Washoe County, its schools, and its children which involves consistency.

My writing was clear and concise and straight to the point. I used a wide variety of word choice to ensure it was not repetitive.

Each paragraph in my persuasive paper contributed to the overall argument of the assignment while each contributed a specific thought.

In conclusion, my persuasive writing assignment used a variety of methods including social validation in order for my audience to be persuaded for my argument of supporting the Chamber in their commitment of $781 million to Washoe County Schools.


Dear Mr. Smith,

On behalf of the whole organization, I am extremely sorry you did not receive an invitation for the gala. You and your family an integral part of our success and without your support we would not be the organization we currently are today. In the midst of the chaos of the invitations being hand delivered yours was misplaced. There are no excuses for our dreadful mistake. From now on, I will personally hand deliver your invitation to ensure it has been received. I would like to throw our next gala in your honor for being such an important supporter of our organization. I am asking for your forgiveness and I hope we can discuss details soon about the gala.


Victoria Hudman

Persuasive Writing

The Chamber’s plan of adopting a new Capital Fund Protection Committee to oversee capital funds and the commitment to adopt the $781 million school construction and repair plan should be supported by the state of Nevada as well as local investors.

The plan should be adopted because of the very large tax base with prospects for creating jobs working on the repairs. Additionally, this plan has stable financial position with strong fiscal management, which will in turn make this a successful project. Moody’s investors service has rated this project and as having a strong potential for economic growth in Washoe County.

Companies making large investments in the region of Northern Nevada include Tesla, Switch, Apple, and eBay. All of these big-time companies prove the potential for economic growth to pay off big time if the commitment of $781 million is confirmed for schools in Northern Nevada.

Lastly and most importantly, this plan should be adopted due to the high demand for repairs in the Washoe Country School District. With Nevada being last in education, this will help students be more engaged in school. This plan will also help students feel that the Chamber and government officials in Nevada care about them and their educational endeavors.


Fact Sheet

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Why does the Chamber support the “Save Our Schools Ballot Campaign?” 

What:   The Chamber announced their support for the overcrowding and repair plan which will be funded through a sales tax increase from 7.25% to 8.26%.

Who:   The Chamber is working with the Washoe County School District and the Washoe County Board of Trustees as well as local Nevadans to get the word out about the need for funding for public schools in Northern Nevada.

Where: The support for the ballot campaign for school construction and repairs will help schools all across Northern Nevada.

When: The Chamber is working on bringing awareness to this ballot question until the 2016 elections in November. This commitment will benefit schools for years to come.

Why: Schools across Northern Nevada are in need of this commitment to help with repairs, reconstruction and overcrowding. If this ballot question is not passed, schools will be potentially starting double sessions school days because the capacity of the schools are planned to double in the next ten years.