Greek Life lacks support from the University of Nevada

With speculations about fraternities and sororities being kicked off the University of Nevada campus for hazing, excessive underage drinking and disobeying University rules, it is no wonder why the University of Nevada is not too fond of Nevada Greek Life says Greek advisor.

“I am doing everything in my power to keep Nevada Greek Life alive but with recent hazing incidents the future for Greek Life doesn’t look too bright ,” said Dennis Campbell, Nevada Greek Advisor.

Campbell is a Sigma Nu fraternity alumni and works with the Multicultural Greek Council, Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council overseeing all parts of Greek Life.

“My job as Greek Advisor is to promote and protect Greek Life in Nevada but in recent years on this campus it has not been the easiest thing to do,” says Campbell.

With the recent debacle with the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon nearly being kicked off campus and named the nation’s “deadliest fraternity” and the Nevada chapter Pi Beta Phi being terminated for hazing last year, there is a lot of debate on whether or not Greek life should continue to thrive at the University of Nevada said Campbell.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon nationals has created a new program called the “True Gentleman Experience” and has terminated the pledging process in hopes of getting rid of hazing incidents and forever rebranding the reputation of the fraternity but negative incidents such as the ones with Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Pi Beta Phi are what forever shapes the opinions of Greek Life as a whole said Campbell.

“In my opinion, people in fraternities and sororities are a bunch of kids who party and trying to buy their friends,” said UNR senior Ray Gregory, “I just don’t get the point of it.”

“I think Greek Life is a good program but only for the right person,” said UNR freshman Sarah Allen, “I don’t have anything against it but I personally would never want to be apart of it.”

Although there are a lot of conflicts with various fraternities and sororities on campus there are still a lot of students who think Greek Life is one of the best programs on campus and it should be more backed by the University said various UNR students.

“I think that Greek Life is not supported by the University because on numerous occasions certain houses in the Greek community have chosen to disobey national laws overshadowing the good that the rest of the houses do like raise money for various philanthropies, uphold outstanding GPAs, and carryon legacies and traditions,” said Morgan Ogden, president and former philanthropy chair of the sorority Tri Delta.

Many of the sororities and fraternities here at the University of Nevada have proven to be nothing more than stereotypical sorority girls and frat guys and that is why faculty and students do not recognize Greek Life to be anything more than a place to buy your friends and party said Ogden.

“The University takes a strong stance against fraternities and sororities primarily because whenever something bad happens within a Greek house it is easy to get stereotyped as the house that does this or the Greek house that does that,” said Connor Blakeman, the vice president, social chair, and Interfraternity Council representative of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Greek Life will never be fully supported by the University because of one negative thing that overshadows the good but it has been proven that Greeks end up to be some of the most successful leaders in the future said Blakeman.

“Since 1825, all but three U.S. presidents have been members of a fraternity, 85% of Fortune 500 executives were a part of Greek Life, the first female senator and astronaut were Greek, and college graduation rates are 20% higher among Greeks than non-Greeks,” said Nicole Glass, writer and reporter for USA Today Educate.

With all of the controversy supporting Greek Life at Nevada, it is such a shame that it is not more supported because it has been one of the most positive things to ever happen to my life and I will always pride myself as a sorority girl said Ogden.

“However good you do, people are always going to remember the bad things over the good and that’s why the University doesn’t support Greek Life as much as they should,” said Blakeman.

Interview with Connor Blakeman in regards to the University not fully supporting Greek Life:


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