The Chocolate Bar combines unique atmosphere and great food as told by Mary-Kate Reilly

Journalism student at the University of Nevada and head hostess at the Chocolate Bar, Mary-Kate Reilly, said that working at one of Reno’s most unique restaurants has been a memorable experience.
“I feel like I am lucky because the Chocolate Bar is like my family but I have also learned a lot,” said Reilly.
The Chocolate Bar is family-owned and located in Reno’s unique Midtown and Riverwalk restaurant district.
Reilly is currently a Public Relations student at the Reynolds School of Journalism in hopes of becoming a representative agent for someone in Los Angeles. While her senior year of college comes to an end this year, Reilly said that working at the Chocolate Bar has been a great college job.
Working at the Chocolate Bar has been a great experience for Reilly because she has learned to work under management as well as being able to gain communication skills.
Reilly said that the Chocolate Bar is a very unique place to Reno because it combines great atmosphere and quality food without breaking the bank.
“My favorite dish is macaroni and cheese with bacon and it is so hard not to get it every day I go into work because it is amazing,” said Reilly.
Aside from being a head hostess, Reilly has put her public relations skills to the test and created a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the Chocolate Bar.
Although Reilly does not plan on working in the service industry after college, she said that working at the Chocolate Bar has been a rewarding experience where she has made great friendships and learned a lot about herself and working with other people.


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